Monday, June 2, 2008

Munin Node for Windows v1.5

I've posted v1.5 of Munin Node for Windows.

Munin Node for Windows AKA munin-node-win32, is a Windows client for the Munin monitoring system.

It is written in C++ with most plugins built into the executable. Which is different from the standard munin-node client, which only uses external plugins written as shell and Perl scripts.

Change Log for v1.5
+ Added readme documentation
+ Updated -install / -uninstall switches to handle Window Firewall exceptions
+ Added SpeedFan plugin
+ Added External Plugins plugin, external plugins are now supported
+ Added Generic Performance Counter plugin
+ Removed Uptime, Disktime plugins. Replaced with the Generic Performance Counter plugin
+ Improved error handling in Cpu plugin
+ Now Unicode compatible
+ Fixed memory leaks
+ Improved multi-thread safety
+ Added better Event Log support

MSI Installer (225KB)
Binary (135KB)
Source Code (423KB)

Monday, May 19, 2008

foo_playcount_db v0.4 for Foobar2000

I've created a plugin for foobar2000 v0.9, it stores all your plays in a SQLite database.

In addition to storing details on every play, the time and duration, this plugin automatically scores every played track. It uses a formula similar to AmroK scoring with a range of 0-100.
You can access the score for each track via the %score% title formatting string.

I'm hoping to create a viewer for the database so that you can see detailed trends as every play is stored in the database.

Here are the downloads,
foo_playcount_db v0.4 Binary (253KB)
foo_playcount_db v0.4 Source Code + Binary (1.31MB)